IIL's 360° Competency Assessment


All of IIL's 360° Competency Assessments can be customized to meet your organization's needs and objectives. The following custom elements are included in the set-up fee:

  • Participant Welcome Page

    Custom text message, Branding/Logo

  • Rater Welcome Page

    Custom text message, Branding/Logo

  • Participant Profile Information

    Custom attributes. Examples are: Job Grade, Location, Business Unit, etc.

  • Participant Rater Invitation Fields

    Rater types can by customized. Examples of the types of Raters are: Manager, Supervisor, Client, Peer, Team Member, Vendor

  • Rater Invitation Email

    Customizable elements of the automated eMail are: Invitation text, URL to access the assessment.

  • Individual Assessment Report

    Generated once the overall assessment has been completed, individual reports include: an overview of the 360 assessment; a narrative description of each domain within the competency framework and its importance with career success; a graphic breakdown of the individual's scores (bar chart and radar graph) by domain and by individual competency; a self-assessment accuracy report; a chart of the individual's highest to lowest rated competencies (determined by the average of their assessors' scores); and a chart depicting how the individual's assessors rated their proficiency levels in comparison to the target proficiency level set by the organization for their particular job role.

  • Executive Reports

    Three different reports are produced for each attribute measured, allowing an organization to view its results in the following formats: bar chart; table, with averages broken down by domain; and all of the raw data, allowing the client to create their own pivot tables should they wish to do so.

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