Catherine Fleres

Agile Coach, Spotify

Coaching Agile on Non-Traditional Teams

Catherine Fleres is an Agile Coach who currently works with Spotify’s Infrastructure and Operations organization. In this session, she will talk through experiences she’s had at Spotify and other organizations and share with you her learnings from working with non-traditional teams. You’ll learn:

This session focuses on coaching teams that are working outside of the software development landscape (such as machine learning, infrastructure and operations, marketing, and HR). Essentially, it’s anything that’s NOT a software development team.



Catherine Fleres is an Agile Coach who has worked at Spotify since January 2017. She specializes in coaching teams and leaders to help them build better products faster, and create a safe environment conducive to value delivery. She started her Agile journey in 2014 in San Francisco, working as a consultant for Cisco.

Catherine then went on to work with several other organizations, becoming a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), and certified in Kanban Systems Design. Since then, she has trained 200+ engineers, managers, and leaders in CSM and CSPO courses headed by Certified Enterprise Coaches in the Scrum Alliance. She speaks at Agile Conferences across the US, including Agile 2017, Agile Coach Camp NYC, and Open Space Orlando, on topics like Scrum, Kanban, Leadership, and Spotify.

Outside of work, she contributes to Agile blogs and attends events through Agile and Scrum Alliance. Catherine currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and her corgi puppy.