Dhruv Rajput

Senior Manager, IBM

Growing Up Agile: How the Next Generation Is Built for Agility

The mix of generations in the workforce is rapidly changing the way organizations are structured and operate. The rise of Millennials and now Gen Z is infusing industries with individuals with higher levels of technical competency, operating in highly sophisticated technology eco-systems, with a drive to remove legacy ways of thinking.

Presentation topics include:

  1. 1. Mega Trends and Work Force Composition
  2. 2. Traits of Generations and Impact to Industries
  3. 3. The Next Great Generation and their Background
  4. 4. Disruption is not just about products, it’s also people


Dhruv Rajput is a North American Agile Lead within IBM’s Agile Enterprise Consulting Services leading Enterprise & Agile Transformations. He is a Thought Leader in Agile Transformations, Agile Portfolio and Program Management, IT Strategy and Business Process Management across retail, healthcare, and financial services.