Evelyn Tian

Advisor of IEEE Software Board Certified Enterprise Coach, Scrum Trainer, & Agile Leadership Educator

Learning from Agile Transformation Journeys

In this talk, Evelyn will be sharing her experience and insights gained from her decade of experience supporting organizations to transform. Through Ericsson Global Transformation Support Centre, she grew internal coaching capabilities and helped organizations of different sizes to transform. She developed deep insights on agile transformation strategy, agile leadership and transformation tactics at different levels, through her hands-on coaching experience working with different technology, architecture, structure and culture.

Some highlights of her talk include: agile transformation patterns, transformation strategy, internal organic transformation, importance of agile leadership and product ownership, and some other learnings that will surely lead to some concrete takeaway messages for you to advance you and your Agile transformation to the next level.


Evelyn Tian, Founder and Principal Coach, Evelyn Konsult AB, Sweden

Evelyn has been passionately working with Agile transformations since 2009 and she has helped different organizations at various scales with their transformation initiatives. Her rich experience built from over 20 years of product development and coaching from trenches gives her unique advantage to support organizations in telecom, finance, e-commerce, automotive and services sectors. She has built a lengthy track record and gathered deep insights in coaching organization transformation from strategy and tactics, agile leadership, and teams to reach their potential.

She is the founder Evelyn Konsult AB, Sweden, through which she continues her passion to help organizations to advance in Sweden and globally.

Evelyn previously was the Head Coach of Ericsson, and headed the Ericsson Global Transformation Support Center, where she gained hands-on experience transforming organizations with large and legacy products.

She is one of the few in the global Scrum community who holds Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Agile Leadership Educators (CALE) and Certified Path to CSP Educator. She spends roughly half of her time on coaching engagements, and the other half on in-person and/or online coaching and training programs to help grow competence.

With backgrounds in both E.E. and C.S., she has furthered her education in EMBA, psychology, and professional coaching as well.

Evelyn is widely involved in the following communities: