Geof Ellingham

Chair, Agile Business Consortium

Agile Digital Government: The UK Story

This presentation will tell the story of the UK's rise to lead the recent UN E-Government index, a story of innovative, startup thinking with Agility at its heart. What made the creation of Government Digital Services (GDS) possible, and how has its radical approach survived the claws of government bureaucracy? What are the challenges in scaling such a big change in approach to service delivery, and how did that lead the Agile Business Consortium to develop a new Agile Digital Services training course to address the needs of users in Government?



Geof Ellingham is a coach and consultant who has spent thirty years in technology and education, including a decade as a Head of IT within local government. He joined the Agile Business Consortium in 2016 to lead the Consortium’s development of a new training course and qualification to support the public sector in building its Agile knowledge and skills. Geof became the Agile Business Consortium’s chair in July 2017 (previously the DSDM Consortium).