Johannes Mager

Chief Scrum Master Mobile Apps at Digital Factory, Deutsche Bank

Corporate Agility

For customer-centric software development, setting up Agile Teams has become an industry standard. Delivering in short cycle times and with a high degree of self-organization, teams are able to deal with volatile customer needs and uncertainty. "That’s great, I also want some of those" is what senior managers tend to reply.

But can this be enough?

When trying to expand the principles of Scrum Teams up on the corporate ladder, existential management questions will quickly surface:

This presentation will share insights and best practices from the journey of Scaled Scrum in Deutsche Bank’s Mobile Apps. What are major Do's and Don'ts, and how can you be able to stay agile with challenges as diverse as regulatory requirements and global sourcing strategies, a mighty enterprise architecture and an abundance of stakeholders from all over the company?



Johannes has a 10-year IT background in the financial industry. Coming from traditional Project Management, he has converted to Scrum Mastering over the last 5 years and delved into the art of Scaled Agile. As Chief Scrum Master, he drives the Transformation of Deutsche Bank’s Mobile Apps into a Lean-Agile Organization.