Mariya Breyter

Enterprise Agile Coach

Goldman Sachs

Achieving Hypergrowth with DevOps OKRs

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes is now widely adopted by companies of all sizes, within multiple industries: Google, Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, Dell, Microsoft, Siemens and Samsung, to name a few.

Product OKRs allow for alignment in product development and delivery, Marketing and Sales OKR support driving the buying process via distribution channels, and Customer Service OKRs ensure that customers receive the support they need.

All OKRs are important and interdependent in a cascading, objective-setting environment; however, DevOps OKRs play a special role. They boost customer satisfaction, revenue, productivity, and many other key results exponentially, thus allowing a company to achieve the next level of business objectives. In this talk, we will review why this is happening and discuss how to make it happen.

Views expressed in this session are my own and are not supported by my employer.



Mariya Breyter is an IT management and project management professional with over twenty years of experience ranging from government jobs to versatile corporate experience in financial services, healthcare, media and education. Mariya's professional passion is leading enterprise-level agile adoptions and culture changes by promoting alignment, collaboration, customer-centricity and driving business results. She is a passionate agilest and an active member of the New York City agile community. Mariya is an Adjunct Professor at NYU teaching Agile Project Management to graduate students. She is also a contributor to a number of online resources on agile and enterprise-level delivery topics, including her own Agile site. Mariya shares her experience at multiple Agile and Lean conferences in the U.S. and worldwide. Mariya's session on Agile Leadership was highly rated at Agile Conference 2018 and Agile Camp 2018; she also served as a mentor at the Lean Startup Conference and as a coach at Agile Clinic at Big Apple Scrum Day.

Mariya holds a combined BA/MA degree in Linguistics and Computer Science and Ph.D. in Computer Linguistics from Moscow State University, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University. At home, Mariya is using Post-Its to organize her family activities, and her kids use Kanban boards to achieve alignment and transparency.