Stephen Denning

Author of six successful business books, world
renowned speaker, and a former director of the World Bank

Inspiring The Human-Centered Organization - Three Laws of Business Agility

In this session, Stephen Denning will take you along on his journey in which he first encountered the success of the agile approach in software development and witnessed how this innovative method slowly but surely became the norm in many large multinationals.

As Stephen got more involved in the agile method, he and other members of the SD Learning Consortium set out on a quest to find out what is real agile, and what is fake? What was successful, and what was not?

They found that what was needed is an Agile Mindset. It’s a different way of looking at, thinking about, understanding and interacting with the world. In relation to this mindset, they identified what he calls the ‘Three Business Laws of Agile’. During his presentation, Steve will explain these laws in depth, helping you to understand how you too can adopt this Agile Mindset yourself.

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About Stephen Denning

Stephen Denning is the author of six successful business books on leadership, leadership storytelling, and management, as well as a novel and a volume of poems. From 1996 to 2000, Stephen was the Program Director, Knowledge Management at the World Bank where he spearheaded the organizational knowledge sharing program. In November 2000, Stephen Denning was selected as one of the world’s ten Most Admired Knowledge Leaders (Teleos).

He now works with organizations in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia on leadership, innovation, business narrative and most recently, radical management. Since 2011, he has been writing a popular Leadership column for and has published more than 600 articles on the Creative Economy, with more than 6 million visitors and more than 15 million pageviews.

Stephen is a member of the Advisory Board of the Drucker Forum, headquartered in Vienna, Austria. The annual Drucker Forum, held in November each year, has become the leading global conference on general management issues. Each year, Stephen has chaired a panel at the Forum, which attracts the world’s top thought leaders in management.