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The Project Manager’s Agile Transformation Journey – Insights from Bosch

Stephan Wohlfahrt

Stephan Wohlfahrt

Director & Corporate Process Owner of Project Management 
Johannes Koeber

Johannes Köber

Undergraduate at the Central Department for Technology

About the Presentation

In this Key-Talk, join Bosch Director & Corporate Process Owner of Project Management, Stephan Wohlfahrt and Undergraduate researcher at Bosch’s Central Department for Technology, Johannes Köber, as they lead you through Bosch’s Agile transformation journey. Discover what this transformation meant for project managers and teams at the organization, and what the future holds as they continue to innovate and transform.

Key Takeaways

  1. Gain insight into a multi-generational view of how an Agile transformation affects an organization.
  2. Learn firsthand how an Agile transformation affects organizations in practice.
  3. Acquire actionable ideas for how to make an Agile transformation work for you.

About Stephan Wohlfahrt

Stephan Wohlfahrt is the current Director & Corporate Process Owner of Project Management at Bosch, whom he also represents as a member of the PMI Global Executive Council. He previously headed the Department for Deployment of Business Excellence at Bosch Diesel Gasoline Systems and has various international engineering and organizational development projects during his more than 25 years in the company.

Stephan is a certified PMP, PMI-ACP, DASSM, DAVSC, as well as a Wicked Problem Solving Practitioner and Systemic Business Coach. In his spare time, Stephan is a passionate father, husband, scuba diver, and saxophone player.

About Johannes Köber

Johannes Köber is currently an undergraduate at the Bosch Central Department for Technology, where he is researching and writing a scientific thesis in the field of Agile project management. He has previously worked in both the Corporate Research Project Management Office at Bosch. He has also had the privilege of interning at the Bosch Ansbach plant in the field of Industry 4.0 process optimization as well as with Mercedes-Benz in the field of supply change management.

Johannes is an B.Sc. undergraduate student studying industrial engineering with a focus in production management at ESB Business School at the University of Reutlingen, Germany. In his spare time Johannes is an avid karate competitor, soccer player, and hiker.