Benjamin Chodor

Intrado Digital Media


When merging and acquiring organizations, there are many factors to consider. Not all aspects of M&A activity are reserved for senior executive leadership teams, private equity companies and legal teams.

There are the obvious aspects that require blending from both companies – from finances, people/teams to corporate image and company culture. Consider all of the aspects of an organization that exist just to run the normal course of business. Then consider all of the similar aspects of another organization that is being merged into another organization! It can be a daunting task that requires skillful organization and consideration of aspects of M&A that “they don’t teach you about.”

Ben Chodor, President, Intrado Digital Media shares his personal journey of excitement and freedom from selling his first company to the experience of “now what!?” post-sale and how he was able to navigate the big changes, build company culture, shift roles from owner to employee and take on the “new normal” at the new organization.


  • M&A is much more than just a financial decision
  • People and culture cannot be overlooked
  • Successful integration is not just HR, Finance and facilities


As President of Intrado Digital Media, Ben’s driving force is to advance the way companies communicate with their employees, customers, investors, and the public. His team has built the world’s only end-to-end workflow solution that drives engagement through digital conversations.

Over the past 25 years, Ben has established himself as a global leader in the world of digital media and enterprise communications. He was Co-Founder & CEO of Happtique and Founder & CEO of Stream57, and led both companies through successful acquisitions. Ben was also Global Head of Streaming & Virtual Events at InterCall, where he was a tireless driving force behind the company’s innovative solutions.

Ben is an enthusiastic, energetic leader with an incomparable passion for technology. He has spent his career pioneering online communications through interactive content, and is a true game-changer in driving engagement through digital conversations.