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The Innovator

In the January edition of IIL STREAM, join us as we harvest a little honey, sit down with successful entrepreneur Yue-Sai Kan, grab an ice-cold drink in Helsinki, and learn how to meditate at our desks. Watch Now »


PRINCE2®: The Goldilocks Solution

Choosing the right Project Management method can be challenging. Find out why this integrated approach could be "just right" for your organization.

IIL Spotlight: Max Laussu

IIL Spotlight: Max Laussu

Meet Max Laussu, Managing Director of IIL Europe (UK) whose passion for traveling and finding new thrills to experience has led to an unusual hobby: skydiving.

BA Trends

Business Analysis Trends for 2016

Here are 10 trends you can expect to see this year, including a more active role for BAs in Agile software development projects.

Lean Six Sigma Concepts

5 Lean Six Sigma Concepts to Help You Reach Your Goals

Saying you want a better year in 2016 isn’t enough. What is it that you want to improve? 

CSR Trends

7 Sustainability & CSR Trends

Water as a front page issue, supply change management, and cross-generational consumer engagement are just a few predictions for 2016.

PM Predictions

Dr. Harold Kerzner's Top 10 Project Management Predictions

We are in a rapidly changing evolutionary period called "Project Management 2.0 (PM 2.0)." Sitting in the wings is PM 3.0 waiting to come on stage.

Plans for 2016

What are Your Plans for 2016?

Whether you hope to obtain a professional certification or improve your leadership skills, we can help make it happen.
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3 Weeks Left for IPMDAY

IPMDAY: Only 3 Weeks Left

Hear speakers from IBM, NASA, Bloomberg, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and more. On demand until February 3rd!
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