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10 Best IT Jobs Require Serious Project Management Skills

The 10 Best IT Jobs Require Serious Project Management Skills

IT folks can’t be “lone wolves” locked up in solitary confinement, throwing solutions over the wall to users and clients.
IIL Spotlight: Leon Herszon

IIL Spotlight: Leon Herszon

Leon Herszon was never a swimmer, cyclist, or runner. So it may come as a surprise that he competed in an Ironman Triathlon last year.

Business Relationship Management Webinar

Overview of Business Relationship Management

Join us for a webinar on Feb. 18th to get an introduction to the BRM profession, why it's gaining importance, and how it's evolving in response to business and provider forces.

BRM Basics from a Former BA

BRM Basics from a Former BA

Having been a practicing Business Analyst for many years of my career, I was struck by what I perceived as a very strong similarity between the BRM role and the work I performed as a BA.

How to Use Excel's Justify Command

How to Use Excel's Justify Command

Your spreadsheets have never looked so good. Microsoft® Excel MVP Bob Umlas shares an easy step-by-step guide to making the most of the JUSTIFY command.

BRMP Certification Training

Be the Connector, Orchestrator, and Navigator

Our BRMP® Certification training (20% off this month) provides a comprehensive foundation for Business Relationship Managers at every experience level.


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