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The Innovator
Risks Ahead

Do You Feel Lucky?

The 1971 film Dirty Harry, although rather violent, contains a perfect illustration of risk appetite.



ScrumMaster? Agile team member? Join us in June for our first annual virtual conference on Agile and Scrum!


IIL Spotlight: Samantha Milhaven

Get to know social media coordinator Samantha Milhaven, who's played basketball nearly her entire life.


M_o_R®: Your Tool for Integrating Risk Management

Attend this live webinar on March
30 to learn more. Sign up here.

Excel Totals

Excel Grand Totals: You Don't Need Long Formulas!

Still using formulas like =B3+B9+B14+B20+B25+B32+B37
to create grand totals in Excel?
There is a better way!

On Target

Stay on Target with Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Learn concepts that will make you a better manager at work, and a more confident person in general.


From the Fortune 500 to the public sector, we deliver onsite learning solutions for leading organizations around the world.

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