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Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
Networking and Working Effectively in a Team
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Traditional Classroom
Course No.:
2 Days
14 PDUs / 1.4 CEUs
Virtual Classroom
Course No.:
Four 3-hour sessions
12 PDUs / 1.2 CEUs
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About the Program
This course focuses on teamwork – what it means to work in a team, and to be accountable as a team member. You, as a team member, will understand how to actively engage with and contribute to your team, regardless of cultural, organizational, or functional diversity.  You will examine the characteristics of a high-performing team and learn how to elicit the participation of others. You will explore the benefits of networking, both within and outside the team, to gain insights, improve risk management, and enhance problem solving.

Who Should Attend
Any employees in any job role, organization, and operation – particularly members of a team

Performance Focus

  • Understanding the nature of teams and team dynamics
  • Identifying team roles and responsibilities
  • Exploring the importance of diversity within a team
  • Improving skills and abilities with regard to building and maintaining authentic relationships

What You Will Learn
You will learn to:

  • Establish relationships of trust with others through networking
  • Identify the key characteristics of a high-performing team
  • Explain how to build a collaborative, highly effective team
  • Appreciate the benefits of networking with colleagues
  • Be a team player
  • Distinguish different roles in a team
  • Better manage the role-searching phase
  • Distinguish what leadership is needed in different phases 
  • Determine what a well-functioning team looks like
  • Manage interpersonal conflicts
  • Recognize the personal characteristics best suited to cultivate a strong peer network.
  • Create a well-functioning team
  • Create a supportive environment for team effectiveness

Course Overview

Foundation Concepts

  • Welcome and participant expectations
  • Team Activity – Building a Bridge
  • The Nature of Teams
  • Team Activity – Characteristics of High-Performance Teams

Understand Team Development

  • Stages of team development
  • Team Agreements – individual independence versus interdependence
  • Video: Tribal Leadership
  • Cultural characteristics
  • Assessing your culture

Team Roles and Effectiveness

  • Belbin Model – Team Members
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Leveraging diversity

Team Diversity

  • Establish relationship of trust with others through networking
  • Handling conflict
  • Power of networking


  • Commitment to Deliberate Practice – Developing a Team Charter that Defines Success
  • Personal Game Plan
  • What did we learn, and how can we implement this in our work environment?
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