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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility        
Introduction to Sustainability for Organizations
Achieving Literacy in the Language and Challenges of
Organizational Sustainability
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Traditional Classroom
Course No.:
1 Day
7 PDUs / 0.7 CEUs
Virtual Classroom
Course No.:
Two 3-hour sessions
6 PDUs / 0.6 CEUs
Course Level:

Basic to Intermediate


About the Program
This 1-day workshop provides you with an introduction to the importance of Sustainability and Corporate Consciousness (SCC) to organizations, including the concepts, research, tools, and techniques available to get started, as described in the book, Organizational Survival:  Profitable Strategies for a Sustainable Future, written by Gregory Balestrero and Nathalie Udo. 

Note: The book mentioned above may be purchased at a discount in conjunction with the workshop.  Both the e-book and print versions are available.

Who Should Attend
All levels of commercial, government, and non-profit associates who want to learn more about how Sustainability can be practiced in their organizations.

Performance Focus

  • Learning the language of Sustainability and Corporate Consciousness
  • Discovering how the Social, Economic, Environmental, and Ethical (SEEE™ Model) elements for sustainability practices are essential to achieve meaningful results
  • Exploring the range of tools and techniques available to achieve meaningful organizational results

What You Will Learn
You’ll learn how to:

  • Explain environmental sustainability principles from an organizational and operational perspective
  • Compare the concept of environmental sustainability with an expanded framework called the SEEE™ Model
  • Identify key business and commercial tools that apply to organizations
  • Analyze problems and opportunities to plan and deliver sustainable solutions
  • Describe how a changing environment creates opportunities and risks for organizations
  • Create an action plan for identifying potential changes, implementation support measures, and ways to explore future change opportunities in a target organization

Course Overview

Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course structure
  • Course goals and objectives

Review of SEEE™ Model

  • Establishing a common sustainability lexicon
  • Exploring common sustainability efforts
  • Broadening your horizons with the SEEE™ model

The Cause for Change

  • Introducing the SEEE™-based causes
  • Expanding the Social cause
  • Building the Economic cause
  • Forging the Ethical cause
  • Applying all toward the Environmental cause

The Prototypes for Change

  • Demonstrating an analytical approach for getting the most out of the SEEE™ model
  • Analyzing dramatic case studies that demonstrate the prototypes for change

The Catalysts for Change

  • Defining catalysts for sustainable action
  • Demonstrating the urgent need to act now
  • Defining opportunities that hit home
  • Engaging stakeholders strategically


  • Review of concepts, tools, and techniques
  • Personal Action Plan
  • What did we learn and how can we implement this in our work environment?
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