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Project Management Advanced Courses
Advanced Project Procurement Management
Buyer/Seller Relationships and Contracts
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Traditional Classroom
Course No.:
2 Days
14 PDUs / 1.4 CEUs
Virtual Classroom / On-Demand Learning
Course No.:
Four 3-hour sessions
12 PDUs / 1.2 CEUs


Course Level:

A good working knowledge of project management, as well as some experience managing projects
Intermediate / Advanced

About the Program
In many projects, procurement activities are critical to success. Imagine working in contractual relationships between buyers and suppliers so that there is mutual trust and a common focus on well-defined, mutually agreed-upon objectives. This course is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage procurement activities to maximize effectiveness.

The goal of this course is to improve your capacity to apply the elements of procurement management by properly planning for procurement, documenting the need, evaluating proposals, creating contracts and effectively managing the contracts to close out for increased project success.

Procurement and contract management address the needs of various types of procurement activities, including service acquisition, intellectual property considerations, government requirements and more. This is an exercise-centered course that uses real-world case situations.

Who Should Attend

  • Project managers and/or procurement managers
  • Project team members
  • Contract administrators
  • Both buyers and sellers

Performance Focus

  • Learning how to properly manage the procurement process from planning through to closeout
  • Using real-world cases and exercises to acquire practical skills and improve your procurement management abilities

What You Will Learn
You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply procurement and contract management techniques to the PM process
  • Select the right sellers based upon a concise Request for Proposal (RFP) with clear selection criteria that lead to easy evaluation of proposals
  • Develop and apply a procurement plan by choosing the right procurement strategy for the project situation and assigning the right responsibilities to the right people
  • Describe the elements of a proposal and how they help you determine the most qualified seller
  • Evaluate contracts to ensure that they contain sufficient information to accurately describe the agreement and enable effective control
  • Close contracts effectively to address the relationship between client and supplier, termination, retention of information, and lessons learned

Course Overview

Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course structure
  • Course goals and objectives

The Procurement Process

  • Critical procurement issues and the role of project management
  • Procurement steps and models
  • Buyer/seller relationships
  • Common procurement terms
  • Types of procurement and acquisition

Plan Procurements

  • Establishing the procurement team
  • Organizational procedures and procurement
  • Selection of contract type
  • Identifying potential bidders
  • Contracting document options
  • Standard forms and conditions
  • Source selection criteria
  • Special and general conditions
  • Procurement management plan

Define Procurement Requirements

  • Scope management and the procurement requirements link
  • Types of procurement requirements and attributes
  • How requirements interrelate
  • Procurement Statement of Work (SOW)
  • The impact of improperly defining requirements

Conduct Procurements

  • Key pre-bid activities
  • Methods to request seller responses
  • Proper form and format of proposals
  • Elements of a proposal
  • Joint venture procurements
  • Organize for review of bid proposals
  • Techniques for contract evaluation
  • Contract negotiation strategies
  • Contract award and contract creation methods

Administer Procurements

  • Administer procurements responsibilities
  • Principles of contract interpretation
  • Primary contract components
  • Project management processes applied to contract administration

Close Procurements

  • Formal acceptance and closure
  • Contract termination
  • Resolution of contract claims
  • Contract audits and lessons learned
  • Contract litigation


  • What did we learn, and how can we implement this in our work environments?
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