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Politics and Project Management
Turn Project Politics into a Positive Force for Project Objectives
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Traditional Classroom
Course No.:
2 Days
14 PDUs / 1.4 CEUs
Virtual Classroom
Course No.:
Four 3-hour sessions
12 PDUs / 1.2 CEUs
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About the Program
Projects today are more complex than ever, and much of that complexity comes from the diversity of stakeholders and their competing interests and priorities.  In 2013, Stakeholder Management was elevated to a full-fledged Knowledge Area in the PMBOK® Guide.  While the tools and techniques of Stakeholder Management outlined in the PMBOK® Guide are necessary for project success, they may not be truly sufficient to get your team through the web of project politics without major detours.  This course focuses on a holistic set of complementary skills and competencies to Stakeholder Management to help participants leverage the power of positive politics on projects.

The goal of this course is to provide project managers with a strong working ability to recognize and successfully navigate organizational politics for the good of projects.

Who Should Attend
Project managers and project team members who want to mitigate the negative effects of politics on their projects.

Performance Focus

  • Approaching project politics as a competency, you must develop to improve project performance
  • Developing personal political competencies
  • Recognizing and managing project conflicts derived from organizational and interpersonal politics

What You Will Learn
You’ll learn how to:

  • Explain how positive politics are a valuable method for getting things done in projects
  • Apply positive political principles and techniques in an ethical manner
  • Use politically sound strategies, tools, and techniques for positive achievement of project objectives

Course Overview

Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course structure
  • Course goals and objectives

Introduction to Project Politics

  • Framing project politics
  • Characterizing project politics
  • Distinguishing self-interest from project politics

Political Skills in Projects

  • Embracing positive politics
  • Identifying political competencies in projects
  • Exploring personal political competencies

Politics and Power in Projects

  • Positioning power in projects
  • Exploring sources of power
  • Comparing power and influence
  • Developing strategies for power and influence

Project Politics and Conflict

  • Facing conflict – a fact of life
  • Turning conflict into a positive force
  • Channeling conflict into good decisions
  • Resolving conflict in and around project politics
  • Tackling deeper conflicts
  • Managing conflict that escalates


  • What did we learn and how can we implement this in our work environments?
  • Creating your own personal action plan
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