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Project Management Advanced Courses
Vendor Relationship Management:  Collaborating for Success
Working with Vendors to Achieve Peak Performance
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Traditional Classroom
Course No.:
2 Days
14 PDUs / 1.4 CEUs
Virtual Classroom / On-Demand Learning
Course No.:
Four 3-hour sessions
12 PDUs / 1.2 CEUs
Course Level:

Experience in and a good understanding of project management
Intermediate / Advanced


About the Program
A successful project is dependent upon the contribution of vendors. After the selection and procurement of a vendor has occurred, the project manager assumes the responsibility for managing the vendor relationship. Managing vendor performance and the vendor relationship can make or break a project. Through case scenarios and an interactive workshop approach, this program deals with the challenging task of delivering a successful project involving significant vendor contributions.

Who Should Attend

  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Procurement officers
  • Other project team members who are involved with vendor deliverables

Performance Focus

  • Establishing communications and interactions that support successful vendor performance
  • Avoiding or mitigating issues and problems related to outsourcing project scope
  • Managing the quality of vendor deliverables at or above contract specifications

What You Will Learn
You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine stakeholder interests, impact on the project, and requirements
  • Explain the process of planning for and preparing a contract
  • Describe best practices for managing the quality of products and services
  • Identify key techniques for managing vendor relationships
  • Take proactive steps to ensure good working relationships with third parties
  • Emphasize quality in the work performed by external resources
  • Engage in requirements gathering and management
  • Understand Agreements, Statements of Work, Letters of Intent and Contracts
  • Develop an effective contract change control process
  • Discuss the steps for closing a contract

Course Overview

Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course structure
  • Course goals and objectives

Stakeholder Relationships

  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Planning stakeholder management
  • Managing stakeholder engagement
  • Controlling stakeholder engagement
  • Event: Worksheet: What Are Your Issues with Stakeholders?

Understanding the Procurement Process

  • Planning procurement management
  • Conducting procurements
  • Controlling procurements
  • Closing procurements
  • Event – Discuss the project’s outsourced scope and qualities of an ideal vendor and customize a set of criteria for this project including descriptions and weightings

Requirements Gathering and Management

  • Requirements gathering
  • Requirements management
  • Managing relationships
  • Contract change control
  • Change management
  • Event – Small Group Activity: Identifying Gaps in the Requirements Process

Agreements, Statements of Work, Letters of Intent and Contracts

  • Contract controls
  • Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Negotiations
  • Closing the contract
  • Contract termination
  • Procurement Audits and Lessons Learned
  • Event – Class Activity: Win-Win Negotiating

Summary and Next Steps

  • What did we learn, and how can we implement this in our work environments?
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