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Project Management Advanced Courses
Preventing, Recovering, and Managing Troubled Projects
Get Derailed Projects Back on Track!
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Course No.:
2 Days
14 PDUs / 1.4 CEUs
Virtual Classroom / On-Demand Learning
Course No.:
Four 3-hour sessions
12 PDUs / 1.2 CEUs



Course Level:

IIL’s Project Management Fundamentals or Project Management Fundamentals for IT Professionals course or the equivalent training / experience

Intermediate / Advanced

If it seems that your projects are often on fire when assigned to you, this workshop may be of value.  Most seasoned project managers have had their share of experiences with difficult or troubled projects and unless they are careful, they will encounter more. The focus of this workshop is to help the professional project manager more rapidly recognize the potential for trouble and correct the course early enough to avoid major problems. 

While the first and most important order of business is to prevent problems, we know that if you are in trouble RIGHT NOW, the first thing you want to know is how to recover. To meet that need, the first half of this course addresses recovery. The second half of this course addresses prevention, either by managing a recovered project to completion without further problems or improving your prospects on future projects. 

This workshop does not focus on “failed” projects but rather on projects headed for failure without appropriate intervention. Failed projects are those beyond help and should be terminated. Here we focus on projects that are salvageable. It is an exercise-driven, no-nonsense, professional practice-focused workshop positioning the participant to immediately apply the tools and lessons learned from the learning experience.

The approach builds on and complements the disciplines addressed in Project Management Institute’s PMBOK® Guide and introduces recovery & prevention-focused adaptations of several classical Project Quality Management techniques.

Who Should Attend

The ideal participants for this program include:

  • Project or program managers who regularly manage complex, high visibility, high-priority projects, programs or multi-project portfolios
  • Project team members who are involved with these same situations and want to make a difference on their teams
  • Managers of project managers in a PMO, or middle managers, for whom the major part of their day-to-day work is project management based

In addition to the prerequisites, those who will derive maximum benefit from attending and actively participating in this workshop would have:

  • Hands-on, responsible experience with real-life project issues
  • A basic operational understanding of, and experience with, key project management principles and tools, including stakeholder assessment and requirements definition, integrated configuration management and change control, precedence diagramming and critical path scheduling, parametric and related statistical estimating, earned value techniques, and human resource management
  • PMP credential, or its equivalent, knowledge/experience

Performance Focus

  • Early recognition of troubles
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Problem-solving mindset
  • Recovery plans
  • Grassroots prevention focus
  • Key competencies for preventing or managing through troubles

What You Will Learn

The workshop is designed to assist the participant in accomplishing three intertwined objectives: (1) the prevention, (2) the recovery, and (3) the management of troubled projects. To promote these objectives, the workshop focuses on:

  • Recognizing the major factors that contribute to a potentially “at risk” project
  • Developing a readily usable checklist of specific causes leading to troubled projects
  • Categorizing symptoms of a troubled project so as to correctly associate it with root causes
  • Formulating plans for mitigating and/or eliminating root causes
  • Assessing the effectiveness of prevention and recovery actions and plans

Course Overview
Getting Started

Foundation Concepts

  • Characterizing “troubled” projects
  • Distinguishing “troubled” vs. “successful” projects
  • Developing a roadmap to recovery and beyond

The Recovery Process – Part 1

  • Introduction to the Recovery Process
  • Phase 0: Ready, Set? Recover!
  • Stage A: Stakeholder Re-alignment

The Recovery Process – Part 2

  • The Recovery Process in transition
  • Stage B: Recovery Blueprint
  • Stage C: Repairs and Restoration

The Prevention Process

  • Introduction to the Prevention Process
  • Greater maturity
  • Better project planning
  • Better project executing through continuous risk management

Putting It All Together

  • Review of the workshop’s learning content
  • Putting learning content into practice

Recap & Closing

  • Expectations reviewed/realized
  • Evaluation
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