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Leading Minds, Fueling Innovation: Leadership in an Increasingly Neurodiverse World

Neurodiversity is a biological fact—the normal diversity of the human brain—and data suggests up to 1 in 4 individuals are Neurodivergent beyond that of a societal “norm,” commonly labelled as ADHD/ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Anxiety Disorders, among others.

Some of the greatest innovators of our time were and are Neurodiverse; however, many of today’s organizational cultures and leadership methods are not supportive of the employment, retention, and development of Neurodiverse talent. This means that many brilliant, innovative minds are inadvertently being kept from the table of innovation, slowing the pace of progress.

In an increasingly Neurodiverse world, how can top leaders and organizations ensure that ALL minds have a seat at the table of innovation? Join this session to learn about the world of Neurodiversity and how you can lead mind-first toward supporting innovation and well-being in your people, products, and customers!

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About Brandon Fargis:

Brandon is a technologist, innovator, mentor, and self-professed troublemaker at the helm of anything with sails.

As a native North Carolinian who grew up working on family farms, he never envisioned himself as a future leader. This changed after a local textile company provided the funding for a technology lab at his small-town school. He was hooked and hasn’t looked back.

After being recruited out of college by a top technology company, he began building his executive credentials at several of the top software and technology companies in the world. Along the way he was a key player at a software start-up and developed what he calls a “knack for scaling growth and transformation” that he teaches, “cannot truly occur without a people-first approach to leadership.” This background has fed his leadership philosophy and served as the bedrock of his professional success.

As an MBA candidate with degrees in CIS and Psychology, and an array of professional certifications in project management and agile methodologies, Brandon now works with organizations to conduct ground-up transformations and strategic organizational change.

As an advocate for Diversity, Inclusion and Equality he also speaks regularly about Neurodiversity and how allowing ALL minds at the table of innovation is vital to fueling innovation.