Craig Kielburger

Humanitarian, Activist & Social Entrepreneur

The WE Movement

2% of proceeds from Leadership and Innovation 2020 will be donated to WE Charity, an international charity and education partner.

Understanding Purpose in the New Economy

In this inspiring session, Craig discusses purpose and profit as the greatest human motivators, and explains how “WEconomy” is the definitive road map for bringing the power of both together—achieving purpose with profit in your career, company and changing the world.

Based on the new and revolutionary book he co-wrote, titled WEconomy: You Can Find Meaning, Make a Living, and Change the World, Craig will share how to unleash purpose within your career, company and life goals.


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About Craig Kielburger:

Since beginning his life’s work at the young age of 12, Craig Kielburger has spent more than two decades dedicating himself to empowering others to create positive change in their own lives and the lives of others.

His powerful journey – beginning at his parents’ kitchen table and taking him around the world – has touched countless people and sparked the creation of the WE Movement, a globe-spanning organization that has given millions of people the tools they need to lift themselves from poverty.

Today, in addition to working as a leading social entrepreneur and bestselling author, Craig is an acclaimed speaker who travels the world sharing his unique story. He inspires a diverse range of groups viewers, helping them to find meaning and purpose in their work so they can make an even more significant impact.