Mary-Louise Angoujard

Founder and Managing Director


1. The Powerful Link between Mindfulness and Physical Presence

Mindfulness is characterized by nonjudgemental awareness of oneself in relation to the environment; it involves openness, curiosity and general acceptance toward other people. Mindful leaders manage their negative thoughts and feelings, rather than react to them – which means they are able to consciously choose the best response to a given situation. They are more purposeful in how they approach different situations, and they are also able to be more flexible in how they respond. The more consistently leaders bring a mindful presence to their day to day activities, the greater the trust they inspire, the greater their influence becomes, the better their decisions are and the more effectively they lead. Mindfulness has been proven to be hugely beneficial to positive experiences, well-being and influence. When we are mindful, this affects self-confidence, body language and presence in a positive way.

Key Takeaways

2. Helpful Ideas for Your Journey to True Diversity & Inclusion

Globally, organizations are committing to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at higher rates than ever, with 87% of respondents indicating that D&I is a stated value or priority for their organization. However, for many organisations, the commitment does not extend past a statement in their annual report and allowing diversity groups the time and space to meet. Many business leaders surveyed still acknowledge that being a member of a Minority group is a barrier to employee progression.

While there is solid research year on year to show that greater diversity and inclusion leads to improved business performance, many companies are still catching up. In this session, we will acknowledge the difference between Diversity and Inclusion at work and explore what leading companies are doing to enhance both. We will also acknowledge the continuing role of unconscious bias and explore strategies for minimising its impact.

Key Takeaways


About Mary-Louise Angoujard:

Mary-Louise Angoujard has over 20 years’ experience as an executive coach, professional trainer and speaker. She founded Rapporta in 2001 to help leaders and future leaders understand and use the power of focus, communication and presence to achieve their objectives. As a preferred learning consultant to large, multinational organisations, Mary-Louise has successfully coached and trained high potential managers, Directors and C-Suite executives.

She regularly designs and delivers highly impactful and engaging training programmes and workshops focused on the topics of Women’s Leadership Development, Leadership Communication, Personal Brand & Impact, Presentation Skills, Selling Skills Inclusion & Diversity and Unconscious Bias.

With a BA in Communication and an international business background, Mary-Louise is a Master Coach, a certified NLP Practitioner and a body language expert. She speaks at business events and has been a guest expert for ITV News, CNN Today and Learning Now TV. She has been a guest speaker at the Women’s International Network Annual Conference and for the Learning and Performance Institute.

Her clients include executives in leading companies in retail, hospitality, banking and finance, professional services, IT and other industries.