Peter Chadwick

Consultant, Coach & Training Instructor

Island Hoppers Ltd.

Leadership for Transcultural Innovation

Innovation, in response to mankind’s 21st century needs, is powered by individuals, teams and organisations dispersed across cultural frontiers. The potential power of harnessing the best skills globally is immense, but this power can only become a reality if cultural differences are perceived as a source of energy and obstacles to cooperation are overcome.

So, as leaders on this cross-cultural terrain, how should we adapt to ensure the best leverage of our collective global talents? What pragmatic enablers are within easy reach to assist on the journey to global collective technological intelligence?

Key Takeaways

About Peter Chadwick:

The common thread throughout Peter Chadwick’s career has been innovation.

As a young engineer, the hours flowed by unnoticed as he dreamt up designs for products and tooling. As his professional journey progressed, he became skilled in collective innovation, leading larger and larger design teams, and working internationally.

Eventually, the Engineer turned Project Manager and the opportunity to foster transcultural innovation, from concept to production, widened in both project size and international scope.

In parallel to the technological strand, a decade ago, Peter added a second strand to the thread by qualifying as a Coach, specialized in cross-cultural competence. Building on his research and in-the-field experience, he continued to innovate in the domain of transcultural cooperation, co-authoring two books on the subject.

He founded Island Hoppers in 2010 with the aim of enabling enjoyment and success in international and transcultural endeavors through coaching, training and consulting support.