Leadership and Innovation 2024
Online Conference

Dr. Elissa Farrow

What Does Future-Ready Leadership Look Like in the Context of Artificial Intelligence?

Dr. Elissa Farrow

Senior Trainer & Consultant, IIL

About the Keynote

There are waves of organization adaptation changes facing decision makers due to current time societal, systemic and geo-political, economic implications. It is difficult to plan strategically and then act decisively towards a future that is uncertain – the cause and effect offering many scenarios, some plausible and some outliers. What can we learn from past and present leadership approaches to prepare and anticipate future challenges and scenarios?

Join us in conversation with Dr. Elissa Farrow, a futurist, facilitator, researcher, and strategist.

Dr. Farrow will draw on her years of practice and research and share the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge in leadership processes for the future. She will unpack how these insights might impact the focus of project and change professionals who are supporting and developing the future. Elissa will outline the importance of mindset and how business value-oriented leadership will see delivery teams co-creating meaningful organizational and societal futures together.

Key Takeaways

  • The role of artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge in leadership processes for the future.
  • How these insights impact the focus of leaders and delivery teams who focus on achieving business value.
  • Explore value-oriented leadership and the mindset is key in the co-creation of meaningful futures together.

About Dr. Elissa Farrow

Dr. Elissa Farrow is a social scientist, futurist researcher, facilitator, and strategist. Dr. Farrow has extensive experience in strategic organizational adaptation, research, facilitation and delivery. She has led and co-designed portfolios, programs, and projects to successfully deliver business and public value in various industries.

Dr. Farrow is an experienced board director and leader, previously holding global leadership positions with the Change Management Institute as well as the chair of DVConnect a service preventing domestic and family violence in Queensland, Australia. Change can be exciting, yet change can also evoke emotions of fear and uncertainty.

Dr. Farrow believes that there are many possible futures available to us in the present and that there is tremendous power in the ability to co-design and co-deliver those futures. Dr. Farrow’s doctorate explored the organizational adaptation implications of artificial intelligence on organizational futures.

Elissa Farrow partnered with IIL in 2016 and resides in Australia. As well as other academic qualifications at Masters and Bachelor levels. Elissa regular consults and presents master classes and certified programmes in knowledge domains such as Portfolio, Programmes, Projects, Benefits, Change Management, AI Essentials and Foundations® and AgileSHIFT®.

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