Leadership and Innovation 2023 Online Conference

Leadership and Innovation 2023

Kaizen for Your Brain: High-Performance Brain Training is Real

Stephen White, , Leadership and Innovation 2023 Presenter

Stephen White

Chief Operating Officer, Center for BrainHealth, The University of Texas at Dallas

About the Presentation

Neuroplasticity is real – your brain changes with how you use it – every day, regardless of your age. Your brain is the most important organ in your body and involves ongoing processes and networking every minute of every day. So, why do we reserve the principles of “Kaizen”, literally meaning “good change” for such mundane processes like manufacturing or workflow?

This presentation provides a foundational understanding on the intersection of neuroscience, cognition, and human behavior, and how they impact work performance. We’ll also understand your ability to improve brain performance based on decades of neuroscience and human behavioral science research.

People crave health and wellness no matter their life circumstance. They just need to know how to get started on their brain health journey, and they need to be able to measure their progress. That’s where we come in at Center for BrainHealth. We do the science, and we translate discoveries into strategies that are easy to adopt and are demonstrated to work.

We can all be the architects of our own better brains by accessing our personal neuro-pharmacy. Kaizen for your brain is the concept of creating daily brain healthy habits so your best brain years are in your future, not your past. Everything begins and ends with your brain. Learn how to use it more efficiently.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how strengthening cognitive skills can make you more innovative and a better problem solver
  • Understand how maladaptive behaviors in the workplace can create chronic stress and negatively impact resilience, productivity, and precision in analysis
  • Be able to articulate the actual financial cost of distractions in the workplace and the “brainomics” of operating in a professional workplace marked by poor brain performance
  • Understand how cognitive bias impacts decision-making and learn to recognize opportunities to combat such biases
  • Begin to understand strategies to help build resilience in your own brain, thereby reducing stress and the negative implications of working under chronic stress
  • Articulate the ability to architect your own brain function to become more effective in client relations and have adaptive thinking in an environment with constant change in rules and laws, to become a more agile thinker
  • Learn basic techniques to improve strategic attention, integrated reasoning, and innovation to more efficiently use brain resources and devote time to matters requiring deep thinking versus routine tasks

About Stephen White

Stephen White is Chief Operating Officer at Center for BrainHealth®, a translational research center of The University of Texas at Dallas.

With more than 15 years of experience as an executive in commercial healthcare products and service, combined with experience as a commercial attorney and CPA, Stephen joined the Center for BrainHealth to lead its commercial operations and help bring science-based innovations, technologies and strategies to the public.

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Previously, he served as Vice President of Global Sharing Solutions for Leica Biosystems, a Danaher Life Sciences company, and helped commercialize innovative digital pathology solutions to improve patient access to subspecialty expertise. Steve was also head of Corporate Development and General Counsel for Aperio Technologies before it was acquired by Danaher in 2012.

Before moving to the corporate world, Steve had almost 20 years of experience in private legal practice in Arizona, partly as Senior Counsel at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, before opening his own practice focused on healthcare and specialty finance. Prior to that, Steve practiced as a CPA and business consultant for the audit team at Coopers & Lybrand.