The Social Media Imperative: Engage, Connect, and Communicate to Succeed – Lori Greene
57% of people talk more online than they do in real life. Your customers are on social media, talking about you; how are you reacting? Are you engaging your audience without tarnishing your reputation? Uncover how you can tell the very best story in the most inviting way, on the platforms that work for your business.
The School of Hard Knocks: Career Path Development for Business Analysts – Glenn Brule
Everywhere I go Business Analysts and aspiring Business Analysts ask, what do I need to succeed as a BA? How can I best advance my career path? This 20 minute presentation will provide you with 5 specific activities to consider to advance your Business Analysis Career.
It’s Only a Revolution: How Sustainability Changes Our Work as Project Managers – Jennifer Tharp
This session gets us past the hype and talks about how our work as project managers should change to address this critical issue. We will integrate the latest knowledge related to sustainability principles for project managers, and increase the powerful, positive impact of the work we do.
Managing Benefits in Your Projects: Powerful Principles to Bolster Project Success – Gregory Johnson
Projects are approved based on the benefits project completion promises. Once authorized, most attention shifts to project delivery being on time and on budget, with little attention paid to benefit appraisal, tracking, or review. APMG's Managing Benefitsguide introduces tools that can be used to effectively monitor benefits realization and optimize the return from project investment.
Business Continuity Planning – Ajay Kumar
This presentation looks at a framework for defining a workable Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and the nuances required to test and maintain such a plan.
Organizational Survival: Double Meaning of Sustainability – Greg Balestero and Nathalie Udo
This video highlights a step-wise approach to strategic transformation, from the means to avoiding common pitfalls through deliberate process changes, and an approach that fully integrates these changes throughout an organization's supply and value chains. Whether you are an executive making decisions regarding sustainability or a project manager implementing strategic change, this presentation is crucial to your future.
Lean Tools and Processes: How to Apply them in Your Business – Dale B. Wilen
This presentation provides an overview of the most common, traditional Lean tools and methods that can be applied to any business -- from the shop floor to the back office, and from retail businesses to service industries. Topics covered will include Standard Work, 5S, Error Proofing, and others. The required culture change within a company and adoption of a "Lean Mindset" will also be discussed.
Transforming the Organization While Implementing its Strategy – Al Zeitoun
This discussion will focus on the importance of using a well-developed strategy and clear metrics as way to enable successful organizational transformation.
Effective Hiring Interview Technique for Selecting Project Managers – Harvey Stein
Do you ever get an uneasy feeling when you realize that you are not sure if the PM you just hired will really be successful? If you are like me, then you have been through this angst. You can reduce the risk of hiring the wrong PM for your organization by following these interview techniques.
The Increasing Value of Certification: The Basics of Achieving Professional Certification - Enhancing Your Credentials. – Willis Thomas
As professionals strive to stay competitive in today's marketplace, they are asking themselves, “What is the best short and long-term investment to ensure that I am remaining current in developing my knowledge and skills?” The answer to this question frequently resides in professional certification, and this video presents some key considerations.