Establishing Your Personal Brand – Bob Baim
Who are we? Does our “brand,” or what others see in us, advertise our project management and leadership strengths?  This video explores personal branding and why it is important for establishing relationships with clients and our network of work associates. 
Let’s Help Them to Help Themselves, Through Project Management – Esther Cobos
This video illustrates the application of project management to a humanitarian program created to improve childhood conditions in one of the poorest countries in the world and teach children solidarity and respect for others. All of this is achieved through the diffusion of the PM methodologies, both in Congo and in Italy.
The Happy Project Manager: Happiness at Work as Sustainable Competitive Advantage - Jocelyn S. Davis
Research demonstrates that building and sustaining happiness at work leads to better organizational outcomes. This video will explore a model for assessing, enhancing, and sustaining happiness at work so that your projects have the greatest competitive advantage.
Eminence: Why You Want It and How to Achieve It - Jim De Piante
Your value as a professional is determined by the value that you can create. Achieve expertise, increase awareness, create greater value. Become, and become recognized as, among the very best in your field. This video provides concrete steps that you can take now to help you achieve professional eminence as a project manager.
What They Forgot to Tell You About Project Management - Tresia Eaves
Would you like to radically change your work environment and achieve success, satisfaction, and growth in your project management career? This video shares practical and tested project management leadership skills that will empower and inspire you.
Leadership Principles for Projects Success – Thomas Juli, Ph.D
We all need and thrive on successful projects. But what does it take to get there? This session outlines five simple yet powerful leadership principles which can help you pave the path to project success.
Best Practices for Building Your Cross-Cultural Proficiency - Christa Kirby
This video covers best practices for leading both virtual and cross-cultural teams, touching on common pitfalls related to both. 
I Have an Opportunity: Believe in Delegation All Over Again - Ulli Munroe
Through a new definition of delegation vs. dumping, this video will show you how to truly motivate your employees by making them believe in the word “opportunity” again.
Keeping Balance: Combining the Craft, Science, and Art of Project Management
– Frank Ryle

This video tells the story of the struggle to achieve and maintain equilibrium between effectiveness, efficiency, and essence in project management.
Managing Stakeholders as Clients – Mario Henrique Trentim
Addressing a crucial paradigm shift from stakeholder management to managing for stakeholders, this session shares best practices, tools, and techniques that are built upon solid research and extensive practice.