David Lindstedt - Tripwires, Murder Boards and Premortems: the Xtremely Decisive PMO
Recent decision-theory research has led to important discoveries and new best practices, with significant implications for project management and PMOs. This video explores practical techniques that can be used to improve project-related decisions and provide better recommendations to stakeholders and leadership.
Anne Foley - Improving Business Writing: How to Write Communications That Are Retrieved, Read and Remembered
The writing skills that are taught in school are much different than the writing skills needed for effective business communications. This video introduces a four-stage writing process that utilizes headlining, bottom lining, and chunking techniques to improve the effectiveness of project, program, and business communications.
Patrice Hall - The Power of Constructive Feedback: How to Give It, How to Get It -
Few of us even know what constructive feedback is, so it's no surprise that employees say they don't get enough and managers say they don't have the time or expertise to provide it. This video explores the importance of constructive feedback and how to give and get feedback that improves performance.
Christa Kirby - Emotional Intelligence and the Power of Choice
In this video, you will dive into the realm of psychology and Emotional Intelligence, gaining tools to investigate your strengths, blind spots and emotional triggers.
Jim DePiante - Swindlers, Con-Artists and Project Managers: Understanding the Project as an Investment 
If securities dealers sold their investment securities the way project managers sell projects, they would be put in jail! This video explores the project as an investment and discusses how successful project portfolio management – optimizing risk versus return – requires the same rigor that any portfolio holder must exercise.
Frank P. Saladis, PMP - Essential Skills for Positive Project Leadership: Dealing with Difficult Conversations
How can you approach a difficult conversation to achieve the desired outcome? This video addresses the importance of having a plan when a conversation with a project stakeholder may be difficult and involve bad news, major changes, or a performance issue.  
Glenn Brulé - Why Agile Practices Haven't Taken Over the World Yet
Agile practices are without a doubt the most optimal way to handle any project, so why are organizations still dithering and trying to incorporate hybrid solutions? This video will help you understand the 5 major impediments that are preventing your organization from embracing Agile practices.
Dr. Al Zeitoun - Execution: Linking Strategy to its Finish Line
What are the gaps that hinder the successful execution of projects and programs? This video explores the importance of aligning strategy to execution in order to achieve results.
Keith Wilson - Leverage the Power of Microsoft®  Project 2013 to Manage Your Projects
This video gives insight into creating effective schedules and communicating efficiently to stakeholders using Microsoft® Project 2013. You will gain an understanding of the new features in Project 2013 for managing projects, including how to create a well-formed project schedule and assign resources and costs to tasks.
Dr. Harold Kerzner - Changing Times: Growth of Project Management 2.0
In today's business environment, there is a new generation of workers that have grown up in a Web 2.0 world of web-based project management tools – PM 2.0. This video explores how PM 2.0 allows for better governance, improved collaboration with stakeholders, and more meaningful reporting using metrics, KPIs, and dashboards.