IIL Printing

IIL Printing extends the IIL promise of value, sustainability and exceptional customer service, providing clients with a wide range of high-quality printed materials to support their evolving needs. This includes experience in printing, packaging, and shipping more than half a million training manuals and support materials all over the world.





"I appreciate the attentiveness, responsiveness, flexibility and commitment to customer service that I have experienced so far with IIL Printing. I love their "can-do" attitude!"

- Sandy Gieber
Co-Owner, Chief Operations Officer, Next Element

“We depend on IIL for all of our printing needs, both for our promotional materials as well as our course materials. They are quick to respond, do their best to work within my budget and produce high-quality pieces for us. They more than exceed my expectations and go above and beyond to meet my needs. I would highly recommend IIL printing services.”

- Michelle Cummings
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Personify Leadership

“IIL Printing is an exceptional company that has gained my loyalty. They consistently provide excellent service, quick turnaround and high quality products. No matter the time constraint or difficult request, IIL meets our every need. Thank you for your support in providing great quality products for our company!”

- Rebekah Albright
Customer Success Trainer, Zillow Group


1. How long has IIL Printing been in this business?
IIL has been printing and shipping training materials for over 20 years.

2. Can IIL Printing ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship domestically and internationally.

3. Where is IIL Printing located?
Our printing facility is located in Southwest Missouri.

4. How quickly can IIL Printing turn around a job?
It depends on the pre-work that may be required and the quantity requested. Small to medium jobs (300 to 3,000 units) can typically be printed and shipped within 2-3 days from receipt of your order. For larger jobs, we recommend that you contact us for the most accurate estimate.

5. Why should I choose digital printing rather than offset printing?
Digital printing is the best option for low volume, short turnaround printing jobs that still deliver great quality. Digital allows you to print just in time, every time—hence no inventory storage or obsolete materials.

6. I want to submit a document. What file formats do you accept?
All files must be sent as PDF/X-1a files or EPS files.

7. What are your image requirements?
All images must be embedded and at a resolution of 300 DPI.

8. Does my document need to adhere to a specific color space?
Yes, color format must be set to CMYK.

9. What are your font requirements?
Make sure that all fonts are embedded or converted to artwork.

10. Does my document need to have bleed and crop marks?
Yes, please be sure to add ¼ inch bleed all around, and display proper trim marks at specified dimensions.

11. How do I count pages in my document?
Count the pages as you would in a book, not sheets of paper.

12. What is an ISBN?
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies a book and allows for cataloguing of products by booksellers. IIL Printing can help you with the process of obtaining and creating an ISBN barcode for your book.

13. What is your Privacy Policy?
We never rent your name to any third party. It is used strictly for serving your printing and shipping needs.




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