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Any verifiable product or result that must be produced to complete a project. Typically, deliverables within a project are set up as summary tasks—this is an appropriate way to build the Work Breakdown Structure.

Estimates are numerical assessments of the likely costs of the resources required to complete project activities.

Finish-to-start dependency
The end of one task drives the start of another task.

Gantt Chart
It is a visual representation of the schedule showing task start, duration, and completion.

Loaded cost
Loaded cost to a company includes, besides the person’s hourly rate; cost of benefits, vacation time, facilities cost (such as office space, computers, heating and cleaning, etc) and other costs associated with having the person employed.

Milestones are significant events during the project, and are usually linked to the completion of major deliverables or phases of the project.

Summary tasks
A task that summarizes the overall start date, finish date and duration for all of its related activities or subtasks. It should be used to represent deliverables in a schedule.

Work Breakdown Structure
The result of breaking down the entire project (scope) into manageable pieces. A WBS defines the total scope of a project by highlighting the individual deliverables required to make up the project product.

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