Sean Hearne

Director, Program Management Office


For Project Managers there is a certain cadence of to-dos within the project life cycle. These to-dos often become habits over time. And our habits can make us more or less effective on any given day. In this session, Sean will explore how you can change your existing habits and introduce new habits that will not only improve your projects, but your life.

Sean Hearne draws his ideas from over 20 years of experience in program and project management, having observed and learned high-performance habits from teams around the globe. He is inspired by the work of authors Charles Duhigg and James Clear, as well as teachings from the internationally renowned coach of coaches Jerry Lynch, Ph.D.


  • Apply techniques for putting new habits into your daily life
  • Find the root cause for your current habits
  • Make intentional decisions that can positively impact your outcomes every day
  • Make it easier to be successful in achieving your goals


Sean Hearne is the Director of Program Management at Fiserv for Government Prorams. Fiserv is the No.1 global issuer processor, the No. 1 global merchant acquirer, the No. 1 core account processing provider and the No. 1 ACH and bill payment and presentment provider in the U.S. Sean is a passionate leader and award-winning program and project management expert. Sean obtained his degree in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and his MBA from the University of Arizone, Eller Graduate School of Management. Sean speaks three languages and enjoys experiencing life by spending time with family, playing sports, coaching, traveling and continuous learning.