Ulli Munroe

Consultant and Expert, Organizational Training and Development
Munroe Consulting, Inc.


Leaders spend a lot of time and money researching how to “Brand and Market” their organization… But how much time have you spent thinking about your own “Personal Brand” and “Professional Presence”?

Every hour of every day, at every level, in every organization around the world, people with influence move ahead and people without them don’t. This is especially important in situations requiring leading without formal authority. Often thought of as something innate, influencing is an interrelated set of skills that can be learned and developed.

It is the impression you make on others that is a key factor in influence. While “Professional Presence” is often difficult to define, it seems easy to spot when you see it in another person – confidence, positive body language, professional appearance, and vocal expressiveness.

Professional presence encompasses people’s perceptions of everything from character and intelligence to ability to contribute to the organization. People who want to be influential, work at creating a positive “Professional Presence” in the minds of other people.


Ulli Munroe has conducted training and career development workshops throughout the United States and in Canada. She has worked with all types of organizations to customize training for employees on many topics, including Supervisory/Leadership programs, EEO training and cultural diversity, Team Building, Customer Service, Performance Appraisals, and 360 Feedback to managers of all levels.

Ulli continues to be a guest speaker for conferences and supports the local workforce for their Professional Networking Group and job search classes. She has been on the Board of the Public Education Foundation and Advisory Council for Marion County School Board Principal Leadership Development and Appleton Museum. With these organizations, she has conducted board retreats, workshops, and mentoring programs.

Ulli’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas A&M, and a Master of Science in Education from Old Dominion University. Originating from Vienna, Austria, Ulli is bilingual in English and German.