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International Project
Management Day 2023

Sailing the Waves of Change Chaos: Managing Projects During Reorganizations & Restructurings


Kim Essendrup


Kate Anderson

Product Manager

About the Presentation

Organizational change is a constant in business, but it can mean major disruptions to in-flight projects. Stakeholders leave the company, new executive sponsors move in, people and funding are moved to different teams with different managers and different priorities.  These changes often happen without clear guidance on what to do with in-progress work. 

Project Managers bear the responsibility of communicating project value, success criteria, budget, schedule and milestones to a new audience of stakeholders who has zero context on the work being done.  These new stakeholders may even have their own opinions on what success criteria or scope should be, or if your project should even still exist.

In this talk, Kate Anderson and Kim Essendrup of the Project Management Happy Hour podcast share their experiences going through this process (over and over) and share some practical tips to help you sail the rough seas of organizational change.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to build and use a Project Overview Presentation as a tool to help communicate to executive stakeholders and project team members in the changing organization.
  • Understand how to get oriented in a changing organization and understand the risks to in-flight projects.
  • Understand common pitfalls and challenges for project managers after organization changes.

About Kim Essendrup, PMP

Kim’s experience and knowledge come from over 20 years of managing critical project initiatives and delivery teams. He is the CEO and co-founder of RAIDLOG.com, a partner of project management consultancy, The Kolme Group, and co-host of the Project Management Happy Hour podcast. He also recently published, “The Ultimate Guide to RAID Log.” He is a certified Project Management Professional and an Authorized Training Partner instructor for the Project Management Institute.

About Kate Anderson

Kate is a trusted technology leader with over 16 years leading technology products, projects & people. They have worked across the education, hospitality, advertising, and fintech industries, with a focus on mission critical and overly complex projects and platforms.  Kate has been a keynote speaker and trainer for 5 PMI events in 2023.  Kate also co-hosts the Project Management Happy Hour podcast, which has been downloaded over half a million times to a global audience.