IPM Day Testimonials

Selena Moorehead

I’ve been attending IPM Day for several years now and love it! It’s a great platform to learn and grow in project management.

Jacquelyn Follmuth

Really enjoying all the content here! I love that we have 90 days afterwards to go back and review all this content. Thank you IIL!

Desiree Underwood-Williams

IPM Day 2023 was an experience that exceeded my expectations. I found the sessions incredibly relevant and timely, resonating with the current trends in project management. My colleagues and I are already discussing how to apply the knowledge and strategies we gained to enhance our practices in project management.

Jenni MacDonald

The International Project Management Day 2023, hosted by IIL, was an engaging and insightful event. The conference showcased a range of high-caliber speakers and panels, offering timely discussions that reflected the current trends and evolution in project management practices. As an attendee, I found the content enlightening and inspiring, providing fresh perspectives on the advancement of Project Management practice. Navigating the conference was seamless, thanks to IIL’s user-friendly website. The organization of the events and presentations was well-structured, making it easy to follow along. The provision of clear instructions on how to claim PDUs was also appreciated. Overall, the conference served as an excellent platform for learning from seasoned PM professionals, gaining insights into the techniques and solutions they employed to drive their projects to success. It was a valuable experience, and I look forward to future events.

Esther Mandina

I’m so humbled to be part of IPM Day 2023 once again. The beautiful part for me is being able to share it with great agile minds who are constantly embracing, empowering others about Project Management

Njanja Mathu

This is my 6th year attending IPM Day – I love it and always make sure I’m available for it. Each year I come away with great reminders and new insights to reflect on – a great way to end the year and plan for the next!

Susannah Benjamin

I am a Program/Project Manager in airline technology. I have attended quite a few IIL International Project Management Day events over the past years, and I appreciate the knowledge gained. I am looking forward to this year’s event.

Yolanda Brown

Today’s #IPMDay2023 is AMAZING! This conference is checking all the boxes with presentations by industry leaders! I’ve already attended 2 out of 5 keynotes and I am “knowledge” full.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

I have attended several IIL International Project Management Day events over the years, and I appreciate the knowledge gained and the networking opportunities. I am looking forward to this year’s event.

Desiree Underwood-Williams

I am Director, PMO and have been attending IPM Day for several years. I am thoroughly excited about this year’s line-up and hope to gain additional skills that I can bring back to my team.

Michael Martel

I have been a loyal attendee for many years now! I look forward to this event each year. I enjoy the wide variety to topics and the vast majority of the presenters are top notch!

Avis Lewis

I have been to several of these over the years and totally enjoyed, learned, and got some PDU’s to boot!

William Amos

I’ve been attending for 4 years. IPM Day is great for all Project Managers. This helps me grow as an Implementation Salesforce Project Manager as I look to expand my knowledge and expertise about Project Management as a whole.

Hazel J.

“Great place for learning Project Management and understanding how to thrive on a project. One of the best user-friendly websites and I really enjoyed attending International Project Management Day.”

Matina Clemente

“Engaging, thought provoking content, high caliber speakers and panels. Worth the time investment. A bit of learning curve for first timers to find where everything lives and how it works but, all in all, an exciting day. Thank you!”

Andrew Javni

“Great Keynotes and sessions. Topics are timely and reflect current realities and evolution of project management practices.”

Nnenna Azuka-Onwuka

“So far, it has been an amazing online conference. It feels very in-person and so engaging on all fronts. I have no regrets being a participant”

Pauline R

“This is my first IPM conference and it will NOT be the last!! The speakers, the layout and the interaction are phenomenal. They have dropped so many gems.”

Gregory Grodzicki

“What an awesome International Project Management Day 2022. Great work on the content and speakers!!”

Karminna Ramdhan

“Many things learned that were not taught in the classroom. Also gained a lot of wisdom in managing projects, people, time, knowledge, and most importantly my health.”

Dr. Troy Joyner

“First-time conference attendee. I enjoyed each keynote and currently enjoying jazz from Birdland!”

Dipak P

“This has been a wonderful online conference, learning lots and saying HI to many people of interest”

Sara Guerin

“Amazing speakers and information shared ! Well worth investing time to do !”

Teresa Asebrook

“I find the IIL’s project management content very high quality and relevant. Keep up the good work!”

Jeremy Noteboom

“This was a wonderful experience! The content was great and very helpful!”

Jonathan Mertz

“Another great IPM conference.”

Lisa Shivers

“The platform, speakers and value I gain out of attending events and working with the personnel is exceptional.”

Kimberly Clark

“Looking forward to attending IIL’s IPM Day next week – it’s been a game changer for me with all the sessions and ongoing connections. Thank you IIL!”

Michelle Arnold

Happy IPM Day! I am enjoying all the topics and the speakers this year with the hopes of expanding my knowledge and bringing new ideas to improve work efficiencies in my organization.

IIL’s 19th Annual International Project Management Day!

IIL’s International Project Management Day Online Conference is here to stay! Join us as we celebrate the achievements of project managers and teams highlighting the skills needed to navigate complex projects in a dynamic business landscape! Registration is open and all content is available to stream through February 5, 2024! So, what are you waiting for? Register for #IPMDay2023 & be a part of the change!

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