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The Key to Less Stress Success: Self-Aware Leadership

About the Presentation

This presentation explores success, stress, self-awareness, and the way to achieve your goals. To manage stress, promote creativity, and achieve success we cultivate a practical mindset, mindful self-awareness, and techniques that enhance physical and emotional wellness, and apply these in relationships at work and everywhere else in our life. We become comfortable with uncertainty, transformative change, both/and thinking, paradox, and not knowing to experience. We learn to accept and let go into Flow. 

Key Takeaways

  • Gain the ability to cultivate a mindset based on active acceptance and letting go. 
  • Learn breath work techniques to manage stress. 
  • Understand body awareness techniques to cultivate health and concentration. 
  • Practice meditation techniques that can be used anywhere under any conditions to cultivate concentration and mindfulness. 

About George Pitagorsky

George Pitagorsky combines over 50 years of experience in technology and project leadership roles as practitioner, consultant, and executive with the study and practice of yoga, meditation Buddhist, and non-dual psychology applied in daily life to promote optimal wellness and performance. He has authored books, articles, and workshops on mindfully managing projects, performance, work-life balance, relationships, conflict, and expectations. His published books are The Zen Approach to Project Management; Managing Conflict; Managing Expectations; How to Be Happy Even When You’re Are Sad, Mad or Scared; and The Peaceful Warrior’s Path: Optimal Wellness through Self-Aware Living, published in October 2023.

George Pitagorsky

George Pitagorsky

Coach, Consultant, Speaker & Author
Self-Aware Living

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