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International Project
Management Day 2023

How to Build Your Career as an Agile Project Manager


Richard Campbell

Director, Product Engagement
Agile Business Consortium

Adrian Pyne

Director of Consulting
Pyne Consulting Limited

Nick Houlton

Chief Operating Officer
APMG International

About the Presentation

In this engaging panel discussion, we delve into the world of Agile as well as who the Agile Business Consortium are. 

We look at why AgilePM works so well in other industries not just IT.  Specifically, we discuss why the Agile Business Consortium’s AgilePM certification enables and prepares Agile Project Managers to work in many different industry types, in both the IT and non-IT sectors.   

We discuss why building an Agile culture is so critical in any organization in order to be successful in today’s rapidly changing business landscape along with what business agility is and which resources are available to those who want to find out more. 

Key Takeaways

  • Gain insight into what Agile Project Management is and how it can benefit both the individual and the organization. 
  • Learn what aspects of company culture can either support or destroy an agile working environment? 
  • Understand how agile can work for you outside of an IT perspective. 

About Richard Campbell

I am responsible for the development and delivery of our portfolio of knowledge products that advance business agility. Our products help organizations respond more effectively to the complex and volatile world in which we operate. As the professional body for business agility, our proudcts combine with continuous professional development to help individuals grow their competence in the application of agile principles.  

I have spent my career working in the advanced technology sector, in a mix of commercial and product management roles in communications, defence, finance, and transportation sectors. Serving customers throughout the world. 

About Adrian Pyne

Although partly retired, I am Head of Governance and Trustee of MyMelenoma, a new cancer research organization. I am the author of various works, notably the book Agile Beyond IT, adviser, coach, visiting lecturer, and writer on organizational and project management agility. I am a 35-year project professional in 11 commercial industries and the public sector, in the UK and abroad.  

Now a Fellow of the Association of Project Management, I have been an active member since the early 90s, especially in program, portfolio, and stakeholder management, governance, agility, and a diversity champion.  

About Nick Houlton

Nick’s passion for teaching and learning in his early career found meaning working in the software industry, helping clients adopt new ways of working around ERP implementations. Having spent time developing a career in Organizational Change Management he went onto business management roles running services teams and businesses.  Data and analytics have really shaped his approach, looking for the patterns or the absence of them in data has brought about meaningful insight to solve real business problems. 

Proudly working for APMG since 2012, Nick’s focus remains in marketing and operations, helping take our products and services to market around the world working ensuring quality and service excellence at all times. Nick has travelled extensively and has first-hand experience of the challenges faced in working in different business cultures and across continents. Outside of work his passion is motorcycling and he describes his proudest achievement as his children.