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Management Day 2023

Excel Tips & Tricks You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Bob Umlas

Excel Consultant & Trainer
International Institute for Learning (IIL)
Bob Umlas

About the Presentation

In the Excel Tips and Tricks session, you will learn things which will reduce your time doing things you do frequently. These tips have wowed audiences worldwide, including companies’ Excel experts. For example, how would you insert a row between every row (double-spacing) a sheet with 5,000 rows in under 10 seconds? Ideas which will open your eyes to “think outside the box” will be presented. You will wish you had known these things years ago!

Key Takeaways

  • Use Excel more efficiently.
  • Have a more enjoyable experience using Excel.
  • Spend less time doing what you already do.

About Bob Umlas

Bob Umlas worked for a major tax and accounting firm, using Microsoft Excel® 8 hours a day, writing custom applications for staff and clients from 1998 to 2018.

He has been using Excel since 1986 and was voted an “MVP” (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft each year from 1994-2018 (25 years!) for his contributions to the various online Forums about Excel and is known world-wide as the Excel Legend.

He is also the technical editor of many of Bill Jelen’s books. He has trained people around the world, mostly on tips & tricks!