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Managing Risk in Complex Projects

Dr. David Hillson

The Risk Doctor
The Risk Doctor Partnership
Dr. David Hillson

About the Presentation

Projects exist to deliver change and benefits, and as the pace of change accelerates, projects are becoming more complex. For many project managers tasked with delivering complex projects, the challenge seems like Mission Impossible. Both the project context and project content introduce high levels of risk, making failure more likely than success. Given the inherently risky nature of today’s projects, effective risk management has never been more important. This presentation will show how the future focus of risk management makes it the ideal way to turn Mission Impossible into Mission Accomplished. Using a “futures thinking” approach allows us to understand the scope of Possible Futures, assess which of these are Probable Futures, and determine our Preferred Future. We can then take proactive decisions and actions to change the future by managing risk, giving our projects the best chance to succeed.

Key Takeaways

  • The future is not fixed! Discover how to change the future proactively by managing risk. 
  • Complex projects are different and difficult and routine risk management doesn’t guarantee success. 
  • Combining Futures Thinking with multi-level adaptive resilience allows you to address the particular challenges of complexity, whatever the future throws at you.  

About Dr. David Hillson

Dr. David Hillson is a PMI Fellow, thought leader and expert practitioner who speaks and writes widely on risk management. David has a well-deserved reputation as an excellent speaker on risk, blending thought-leadership with practical application, presented in an accessible style that combines clarity with humor. David has advised major organizations, governments and charities in sixty countries on how to create value from risk, and his wisdom and insights are in high demand. David has received many awards for his ground-breaking work in risk management, and he has developed significant innovations that are now widely accepted as best practice. 

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