Agile and Scrum 2024
Online Conference

Dawn Nichole McIlwain - Agile and Scrum 2023 Online Conference presenter

AI’s Impact on Agile Roles in a Modern World & How to Stay Competitive

Dawn Nicole McIlwain

Co-Founder & COO
Skilldora INC

About the Presentation

“AI’s Impact on Agile Roles in a Modern World & How to Stay Competitive” is an innovative signature talk for future forward Agile professionals who will find themselves on the front lines of change or caught in the crosshairs of AI adoption. 

This engaging talk deep dives into key concepts of AI and its impact to Agile professionals including multiple ways to increase their knowledge base and become immediately more valuable today to those they serve and support. There will be opportunities for Agile professionals to answer probing questions and think critically about their current roles along with a 5-point solution to compete at the highest levels!

Key Takeaways

  1. Provide Agile professionals with a basic introduction to artificial intelligence including common terms and key concepts.
  2. Offer Agile professionals everyday use cases of artificial intelligence in Agile roles.
  3. Ensure Agile professionals understand key ways that they will be utilized on the front lines of enterprise AI adoption.
  4. Learn 5-ways Agile professionals can remain competitive in today’s world and more.

About Dawn Nicole McIlwain

Co-Founder and COO at Skilldora, an AI EdTech & eLearning company who is the 1st in US to launch & earn accreditation for an eLearning platform using all AI Digital Human Instructors. Speaker, published author and philanthropist, Dawn Nicole brings an unrivaled track-record for helping world class organizations deliver more business value and gain more outcomes in less time.

With a background in AI-eLearning, business agility and building globally accredited programs, Dawn Nicole brings advanced execution strategies & innovation to the table.