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IIL's Learning Categories

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Quality Education

We build leading-edge content and curriculums under the guidance of instructional design specialists, knowledge experts, field trainers, consultants, coaches, and mentors. Our learning solutions provide the critical skills and knowledge that individuals need to contribute to your organization’s growth. Talk to us about foundational and intermediate or advanced courses to upskill or reskill your teams.

Professional Certifications Training

IIL is an accredited training partner to the world’s most reputable accreditation and exam institutes. We offer professional certification training to help individuals prepare and acquire the certifications they need to support their career advancement. We go beyond exam prep to provide practice in applying new skills, tools, and techniques, using scenarios and perhaps your own challenges.

Outstanding Trainers and Facilitators

The outstanding quality of our trainers, coaches, and facilitators serves as the hallmark of IIL, distinguishing us in our profession. Over 350 experienced professionals representing more than 75 countries work as instructors, coaches, and consultants for IIL worldwide, bringing considerable expertise, experience, and facilitation skills. In addition, IIL instructors are key influences, authors, speakers, and thought leaders.

Global Reach

IIL is a global organization with a group of strategically located, wholly-owned IIL companies. Our presence around the world enables us to match the geographic footprint of global or multinational clients. We meet you and your teams where they are located. Training can be live and/or asynchronous, providing maximum convenience. We are proud to customize learning content to suit a range of cultures and over 20 languages.