Agile and Scrum 2024
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Emily Stickle - Agile and Scrum 2023 Online Conference presenter

The Magic Wand of Requirements

Emily Stickle

Sr. Agile Coach

About the Presentation

In some cases, requirements gathering can feel like pulling teeth. How often has a feature been built, only to find out it is not what is needed long term. In organizations without massive investment in this field, it can seem impossible to pin down what is needed. Try the magic wand approach.

So often, ideation occurs solving the small problems we see using the tools at hand. Rather than trying to solve the big problem, we focus on several small issues that can be easily addressed. While this works on occasion, this can also cause its own problems. Before solving the issues at hand, wave a magic wand to see what we need.

Learn how to ask about end goals and current problems, then help break those down further. Stop the immediate solving to find out how to really answer the questions at hand.

Key Takeaways

  1. Understand how to effectively work with stakeholders.
  2. Determine what technology can solve, and what can be addressed elsewhere.
  3. Learn how to find your team across organization to support the project.

About Emily Stickle

A passion for building a plan and working with people led Emily to a career in project management with a focus on Human Resources. 

With a background in Public Administration including a master’s in liberal arts of political Science, Emily spent over 10 years managing projects for non-profits including such organizations as Meals on Wheels and University of St. Thomas. 

In 2017, Emily transitioned into the private sector managing HR specific projects including managing changes in state level compliance and HCM technology for an organization issuing over 500,000 W2s in 49 states each year. As part of HR leadership, Emily owned the strategic roadmap of HR initiatives. In addition to project management, Emily has operated as a comedian and chef now spending her free time trying to entertain and educate two small children.