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The Importance of Limiting WIP in Agile

V. Lee Henson

CEO & Certified Scrum Trainer

About the Presentation

Why do organizations struggle to finish everything that they commit to do? Likely because they are trying to do everything at once. 

This Agile concept, born from Lean, allows individuals and teams to learn how to limit “work in progress” (WIP) at every level. When applied correctly this technique affords higher quality, greater customer satisfaction, faster time to market, and increased revenue.

Key Takeaways

  1. Understand how to apply WIP at every level.
  2. Learn about “The Fruit Model” for success.
  3. Gain an understanding of The Agile 12 Step Program

About the Presenter

V. Lee Henson is the President of AgileDad and has been recognized worldwide for his inclusive, pragmatic, humanized, psychology based approach used to help organizations & teams achieve true business agility. 

Lee is the host of the Spotify award-winning “Agile Daily Standup – Business Podcast” and is the inventor of Rapid Release Planning, The Team John Concept, The POBAFATA Grouping, and Objective Stack Ranking Technique. 

He has authored many white papers including The Seven Deadly Sins of Technical Debt, The Agile 12 Step Programs, Nine Powerful Ways to Keep Agile Teams Motivated, and The ART of Agile Estimating & Forecasting.