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When Success Becomes the Enemy: How to Build a Culture of Curiosity to Overcome Status-Quo Behaviors

Diane Hamilton

Founder & CEO

About the Presentation

In today’s fast-paced business environment, clinging to past successes can hinder innovation and growth. Research shows that companies can lose significant revenue due to the cost of status-quo behaviors and lack of innovation, with losses potentially reaching up to $1 trillion annually. Why did Netflix succeed while RIM’s Blackberry did not? The answer lies in their ability to foster a culture a curiosity and continuous adaptation. In this session, you will learn actionable insights and practical steps to build a culture of curiosity within your organization. 

Dr. Diane Hamilton will share stories from the many leaders and organizations she has interviewed or trained, illustrating how fostering an environment that encourages exploration and innovation can drive continuous improvement and adaptability. This session will equip employees at all levels with the tools needed to navigate change and stay ahead of the competition. Embracing this culture of curiosity will also help employees and leaders more effectively integrate and utilize artificial intelligence, enhancing decision-making, productivity, and innovation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Understand Financial Impacts: Learn about the financial connections between curiosity and avoiding status-quo behaviors, and how fostering curiosity can lead to significant cost savings and revenue growth, benefiting the entire organization. 
  • Overcome Inhibitors of Curiosity: Identify and address the factors that inhibit curiosity within your organization, empowering every team member to contribute to a more innovative and open-minded workforce.  
  • Create a Culture of Curiosity: Discover practical strategies to cultivate a culture that encourages curiosity, creativity, and continuous learning among all employees, from entry-level staff to senior executives, leading to improved engagement and innovation.  
  • Embrace Artificial Intelligence: Understand how fostering curiosity can help employees and leaders embrace AI technologies, enhancing their ability to leverage these tools for better decision-making, increased productivity, and sustained innovation. 
  • Enhance Organizational Effectiveness: Develop skills at all levels to promote and model curiosity, inspiring teams to explore new ideas and approaches, ultimately driving organizational success and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.  

About Diane Hamilton

Dr. Diane Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of Tonerra, a consulting and media-based business. Dr. Hamilton received a Ph.D. in Business Management. She is a nationally syndicated radio host, keynote speaker, and the former MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business and Technology. Diane has a history of award-winning performance, and decades of top performance within billion-dollar organizations, developing partnerships. She is a seasoned professional in education, software, banking, real estate, and pharmaceuticals industries.   

Diane has authored multiple books used in universities worldwide, including her newest upcoming book Curiosity Unleashed: Achieving Business Excellence by Challenging the Status Quo, Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential and The Power of Perception: Eliminating Boundaries to Create Successful Global Leaders. She is the creator of the Curiosity Code Index®, the first and only assessment that determines the factors that inhibit curiosity, and the Perception Power Index, which determines the factors that impact the perception process. Her groundbreaking work helps organizations improve innovation, engagement, and productivity.   

Thinkers50 Radar, considered the Academy Awards for Leadership, chose Diane as one of the top minds in management and leadership. She was named to Global Leaders Today’s list of top global leaders. LeadersHum included her in their Power List of the Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership, and Top 10 Most Powerful Women Leaders in HR. 


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