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Strategic Yet Agile: Leading with Innovation

About the Presentation

This presentation will explore the delicate balance between strategy and agility, empowering leaders to drive innovation while maintaining a forward-thinking vision. Attendees will explore real-world examples and actionable strategies for fostering an agile mindset within organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic Agility: Discover how to harmonize long-term vision with flexible execution. Learn to adapt strategic plans in response to market shifts and emerging opportunities. 
  • Innovation Catalysts: Explore techniques for infusing innovation into everyday practices. Understand how to create a culture encouraging experimentation, creativity, and continuous improvement.  
  • Leadership Resilience: Equip leaders with tools to navigate uncertainty. Learn to lead teams through change, embrace ambiguity, and inspire a future-oriented mindset. 

About The Speaker

Alicia M. Morgan, PMP®, is a high-impact leader with a diverse background in the for-profit, non-profit, and educational sectors. She has mastered the art of navigating complexity, drawing from her experience in aerospace and industrial engineering. Alicia holds certifications in PMP and Agile Metris and is known for her flexible strategies for project success. As an award-winning consultant, TEDx speaker, and industry thought leader, her work is in various business publications. Attendees of her virtual session will leave feeling empowered and ready to act in scaling for the future through business agility and outcomes.  

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Alicia M. Morgan

Project Management Consultant

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