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Scaling the Future

Discover the future of Agile at AgileCon24: Scaling the Future!

Agile methods and frameworks are increasingly favored by organizations seeking flexibility and responsiveness in the face of accelerating business change. Join us at AgileCon2024, as we dive into the intersection of Agile methodologies, AI integration and adaptive leadership.


Bank of America

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The Business Agility presentation was awesome. The reports on tensions, domains and behavior are very useful. Management needs to focus on the people to make a company work. Seems like a theme from the last two speakers. Very encouraging to hear the shift… not how to make it happen is the great challenge

– Patricia F.

I am enjoying the diversity of subjects in these presentations. The program delivers excellent materials and very informative takeaways related to Agile and current technological and business advancements (ML, Business Agility, Cultural mindsets)! Thank you very much!

– Elsa K.