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Agile Change Management: A New Paradigm for Leaders

About the Presentation

In this interactive talk, Avi will take you through the application of Agility to the field of change management. First, we’ll discuss an alteration to the traditional paradigm to fit the modern context. Next, we’ll cover some of the most common change management misconceptions leaders have and how to deal with them. Then, we’ll talk through some of the more popular models and dive deep into John Kotter’s. Throughout the presentation, we’ll explore the realm of human and organizational psychology and how it relates to dealing with change. Last, we’ll explore how Scrum@Scale fits with Kotter’s model and how leaders can use it in any change management effort, Agile or not.  

Key Takeaways


About The Speaker

Avi Schneier is a Co-Founder and Partner Consultant at Agileon, a leading Agile professional services company. He has led multiple transformations in companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100, with a focus of “Scrum Beyond IT”. Since becoming Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s protege over eight years ago, Avi has brought Scrum software to marketing, procurement, sales, customer support, engineering, and biotech laboratories on all six populated continents.

Avi Schneier

Avi Schneier

Co-Founder & Partner

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