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The DASA Learning Ecosystem: Portfolio & Product Management

About the Presentation

Join Eppo to learn about the DASA approach to DevOps & Agile as well as updates to the DASA Portfolio Management certification and a new DASA certification for Product Management.  

  • DASA Portfolio Management will help organizations and individuals learn how to adopt a comprehensive approach to portfolio management. This approach not only drives strategic alignment and value delivery but also establishes effective governance practices. It fosters collaboration and communication and promotes continuous improvement. 
  • DASA Product Management is a strategic program designed to equip learners with advanced strategies for leading product development and innovation. The certification covers strategic alignment of product vision with business goals, market analysis, and lifecycle management, fostering a product-centric mindset. 

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding of the DASA learning environment & approach 
  • Insights into DASA Portfolio Management updates 
  • Preview of new DASA Product Management 

About The Speaker

With over 40 years of experience in IT, IT management, and Digital Transformation it is Eppo’s strong belief that we must do our best to make IT services “un-complex” and embrace continuous change as an opportunity to innovate. 

Additionally, Eppo has been a trainer in areas of DevOps, ITIL4, SCRUM, LEAN, DevSecOps, and more for the last 20+ years. Eppo is the current Managing Director of Octopus Learning and a DASA specialized trainer at International Institute for Learning.  

Eppo K. Luppes

Eppo K. Luppes

Managing Director
Octopus Learning

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