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Kanban at Scale: Using Microsoft Azure DevOps

About the Presentation

Do you need to optimize the workflow for your Agile team? Do you need to report progress to a Program or Portfolio Manager? If yes, this session is for you.  

Microsoft Azure DevOps (ADO) has built-in Kanban boards. Kanban is a visual system for managing work as it moves through a process. It visualizes both the workflow to identify and fix potential bottlenecks. The purpose is to have a cost-effective workflow and optimal speed.  

The trick is knowing how to roll up from a Sprint Board tracking tasks to see the flow of stories and enablers from the Teams Backlog, up to Features for the program managers, and finally to Epics at the portfolio level. Then, to automate a dashboard based on the flow of work on the board. This dynamic session, facilitated by Keith Wilson, will explain Kanban values and principle hands-on demonstration in ADO how to:  

  • Configure board columns/swim lanes & develop team boards 
  • Create styles & kanban at scale 
  • Create & run queries, and add queries to the dashboard widgets 
  • Configure widgets & create the dashboard 
  • Link Kanban board swim lanes to widgets

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the difference between leading people, leading outcomes, and leading moments.  
  • The role of the retrospective and how the fighter pilot debrief delivers powerful outcomes. 
  • How to get ahead of Agile, to anticipate rather than react. 

About The Speaker

Keith Wilson (MBA, PMP, SPC, CSM, CSPO, Disciplined Agile Coach, Instructor DASSM, and Kanban Management Professional) has over 25 years of successful coaching, training, management, and consulting experience globally with over 100 happy clients. He has extensive Agile Training/Coaching experience and makes Agile work for his clients.  

Keith is a welcomed trainer at numerous Fortune 500 corporations, universities, and associations worldwide and successfully consulted, developed courses, coached, and trained thousands of people virtually, in person, and through on-demand recordings in all areas of Agile Scrum, Kanban, SAFe,  Disciplined Agile, Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Business Analysis, Microsoft Project, Project Online/Server, SharePoint, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills. He brings fresh success and failure stories and interesting analogies to each of his engaging classes or presentation.   


Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson

Senior. Trainer & Consultant

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