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Interpersonal Alchemy: The Magic Behind High-Performing Teams

About the Presentation

Alchemy is that seemingly magical process of transforming something worthless into something priceless. Once piece of magic many of us seek to understand is how to turn that “OK” group of people into a kick-butt, high performing team. We believe there must be some sort of magic at play with these teams; but it’s no magic, rather it has everything to do with how these people connect with each other. During this session Mark will explore the magical elements that help them rise above the rest, including how they work with each other and their overall work environment. He’ll also review several different techniques you can immediately start using to initiate that magical chemical reaction of high performance in your team. So, join Mark in his laboratory and unleash your inner alchemist.  

Key Takeaways

  • Review the team characteristics of several organizations known for their high-performance in order to gain a deeper understanding of what makes them so effective. 
  • Learn about and practice several different techniques during the session to help foster high-performance, including improv, visioning and environmental changes, to demonstrate the impact of small changes on performance. 
  • Leave the session with a list of experiements that each participant can run to improve the performance of their team without changing their team. 

About The Speaker

Focused on power over theory, Mark is a pragmatic modern work designer and coach. With over a decade of experience experimenting with teamwork practices at places like Boeing, Nordstrom, Charles Schwab, and Rocket Mortgage, Mark’s mission is to inject modern ways of working, transformation mindset, and the power of expert storytelling into everything that he does.  

Today Mark works for Atlassian, a company focused on unleashing the potential of every team! Mark spends his days coaching both Atlassian and customer teams on new ways of working, then sharing what he’s learned at events around the world! 

Mark Cruth

Mark Cruth

Principle Modern Work Coach

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