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Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Curiosity Spark that Ignites Agile Teams

About the Presentation

In the words of Albert Einstein, “The important thing is not to stop questioning… never lose a holy curiosity.” 

As children, we are filled with questions. But as adults, not so much. Increasingly we are expected to follow, often conflicting, social norms within different contexts.  

Agile is all about a collaborative, innovative, and adaptable work environment that thrives on continuous improvement. 

Ask yourself: How can we encourage ourselves and our teams to be more curious? Can curiosity uncover challenges, and increase our capacity for innovation and growth? 

In this session, Priya, will narrate examples from my day-to-day as a project manager such as: 

  • Where harnessing the skill of curiosity improve my project’s chance of success 
  • How curiosity encourages continual growth and learning for positive personal, team, and organizational outcomes, put there by a motivated and future fit team  
  • How asking the right questions to ourselves as leaders can help to polish our power skill – curiosity 

She will also illustrate how harnessing the skill of curiosity encourages continual growth and learning, drives positive outcomes for individuals, teams, and organizations and can transform Agile teams from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Additionally, Priya will discuss how asking the right questions as leaders can help polish power skills and foster a culture of curiosity-driven excellence within Agile teams. 

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace curiosity as a power skill
  • Establish the power of questioning to lead our teams to be innovative and future-fit
  • Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement with Curiosity 

About The Speaker

Priya Patra is a mother of two, author, blogger, women’s empowerment believer, dreamer, creator, and futurist.

In her role as an Agile Evangelist and Delivery Director, she spearheads the quality engineering done by Capgemini’s India Team for Energy in the Utilities and Chemicals sector. 

She is a speaker for both national and international conferences on digital, Agile, and project management. Additionally, she leads an Agile community of practice within an organization of 800 members across 40 countries, evangelizing Agile practices across all levels of the organization. 

Since January 2020, she has been building the Women PowerUP Network – a virtual community of over 870 women across the globe. #BeingGoodEnougIsAmazing #WePowerUP 

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Priya Patra

Delivery Director

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